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I'm Alex Lingeman,
a Digital Designer from the Netherlands

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Antelope Canyon, az - 25/9/2017, 14:29 - by Alex Lingeman

I aspire to create designs that are not only aesthetic and functional, but also improve life on this planet

Based in The Hague. Currently at Poet Farmer. Professional experience with working on award winning projects since 2012. Previous at Supersteil, Zicht Online and DPDK.

Since high school I've had an education infused with creativity. Courses such as Webdesign, Photography, Video editing, Screen printing and a lot of Art History gave me a a lot of experience for the future. I continued at the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam and the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, where I completed Communication & Multimedia Design by graduating with Data visualisation & Infographics as subject for my thesis in 2012.


Visual Design

Visual design enhances the user’s experience with a digital product. With the right use of colour, typography, photography and space this can be achieved. My personal style is very clean and minimalistic, but I’m also comfortable in working with styleguides, and like to extrapolate this into new frontiers when allowed. I’m also very familiar with the creation of user interface kits and design systems to improve speed and efficiency.

Interaction Design

Before the Visual Design, and Interaction Design is mostly required. This gives structure to the project and determines the use and placing of elements and patterns. If this is not clear from the start, I have experience with user research and service design tools to get a clear understanding of the user and its goals.


Prototyping has become more and more essential in the curriculum of designers. It is helpful for both clients and developers to show the actual power and behaviour of a design that would otherwise be displayed as a static image. Therefore, I've made it an objective to master prototyping tools like Invision Studio, FramerX and Adobe XD.

Art direction

With experience in video and photography, I know where the possibilities lie in these fields of expertise. Therefore, I can help to give direction to a creative project, and to develop the style we're looking for, so that everything asset fits seamlessly. 

New technologies

With new technologies you can think about how augmented reality, interactive environments, smartwatches or VR enhance the user experience to the next level. Of course, this will also need design. I like to think about how these new frontiers can be turned into a component that can fit into our daily lives and improves life.


I'm always interested in building and prototyping my web work myself, and with Webflow this is possible. Having the control over the layout and interactions of websites is really awesome, and I consider this more as a hobby than actual work, because of the satisfaction it gives. I still learn something new everyday with Webflow.

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Whisky time is a User Interface kit I created for a small concept. In this case I'll elaborate on the process from sketch to screen.

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At Poet Farmer we helped INK361 with Instagram scheduling app Preppr to design and improve their app and web platform, so every feed can look stunning!

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At Supersteil, I've done several projects for Coolblue. We built small apps with featured Sony products, but also assisted in creating their careers platform.

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At Werthstein you can invest in Zeitgeists; Themed packages to add to your portfolio. At Poet Farmer, I designed their website and investment platform.

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project history

That’s not all though. In the past I’ve done work for a wide array of clients with different scopes

And I’m proud to have done so at various agencies

side projects

The laboratory

It's always good to keep improving my skillset with new tools. I like to experiment on dribble for fun


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